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FANAMBY in malagasy means CHALLENGE

OUR CHALLENGE is to find an equilibrium between Humans, their needs and the environment by bringing tourism development in sites that remain isolated.

NGO FANAMANBY is born from the volunty of its fondator to do more than « classical » conservation. Surrounded by a young team, dynamic and multidisciplinary, serge Rajaobelina indentified natural parks as a plateform for a sustainable development through the creation of touristic projects to benefit the communities and the activities of biodiversity conservation.

The approach of Fanamby is articulated around sharing and exchanging, with respect to local communities and the valorisation of their own and unique weath.

Our projects are development precursors, we build a link between the communities, the private sector and the realities concerning biodiversity conservation. These three (3) elements are the fundamental basis of the durability of touristic activities.